Data Analyst Project – World GDP

Business Request & User Stories

The university researcher was conducting an international research and needed GDP information by country. Based on the request that was made from the research we following user stories were defined to fulfill delivery and ensure that acceptance criteria’s were maintained throughout the project.

NoAs a (role)I want (request / demand)So that I (user value)Acceptance Criteria
1 Researcher To get a dashboard overview of GDP Can know better which country has the highest GDP A Power BI dashboard which updates data once a day
2 Researcher A detailed overview of GDP per Country Can gain insights to which countries performed well in GDP in recent years and vice versa A Power BI dashboard which allows me to filter GDP by country and by year

Data Cleansing & Transformation (Power BI)

To create the necessary data model for doing analysis and fulfilling the business needs defined in the user stories the following table was extracted from the IMF website.

The data was then imported into Power BI. The data cleaning performed including change data types, replace n/a values with zero, and transformed year columns into rows by using Unpivot columns function. 

Data Model

Below is a screenshot of the data model after cleansed and prepared tables were read into Power BI.

This data model shows there’s no need to join any tables together as there’s only a single table.

World GDP Dashboard

Below is the finished GDP dashboard with one page with works as a dashboard and overview.

Feel free to click the filters below to gain some insights in terms of countries that have the top 7 GDP and by year.