Here are some information about myself 🙂

I am a consulting market insights analyst  passionate about discovering insights from data; from the first ideas around measures and capture data accurately, through data preparation, analysis and management, all the way to impactful presentation of insights. Each step of the process to enable in making evidence-driven decisions or share insights with new audiences. 

Years of professional data analytics experiences in Market Research, Aviation and Transportation industries by adding business values by discovering insights from structured data. Strong backgrounds in Statistical Analysis, Database Management, Capacity Optimization and Survey Scripting. Microsoft certified in Power BI and SQL Server, Excel and SPSS.


I'm trained and highly experienced in market analysis, statistical modelling and capacity optimization, with a background in market research and public transportation, and have worked with Nebu and SurveyMonkey to collect and process data.


I am a SQL Server and SurveyCraft certified analyst. I offer support on creating databases, processing data and training at all levels covering data transformation, manipulation and quantitative analysis, and more.


I am a Power BI Desktop Certified Professional who has worked with a diverse range of subjects. I have experience creating interactive tools and static infographics in Power BI that can be consumed online or in print.

A sample of my client work and personal projects

Sales Management

The finished sales management dashboard with one page with works as a dashboard and overview, with two other pages focused on combining tables for necessary details and visualizations to show sales over time, per customers and per products.

Sales Dashboard

World GDP

The finished GDP dashboard with one page with works as a dashboard and overview for necessary details and visualizations to show GDP figures over time for a particular developed countries.

Future Project

Coming soon..

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